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Mam Turuan Mo Ako

Sabrina M and other stars in Mam Turuan Mo Ako

Magaling siyang guro. Marami siyang alam, kaya marami ang gustong magpaturo.


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Assunta de Rossi, Alessandra de Rossi, Jay Manalo, Wendell Ramos

Nang sila ay maulila, ipinangako ni Vanessa na hindi ihihiwalay sa kanyang piling ang kapatid na si Nikka, isang dalagitang kulang sa pag-iisip. Kahit hindi angkop ang kapaligiran ng squatters area sa pag-hubog kay Nikka, ibig patunayan ni Vanessa sa DSWD na kaya niyang buhayin at gabayan ang kapatid. Dalawa ang mangingibig ni Vanessa, ang taxi driver at police asset na si Oliver, at si Uno na bodyguard ng isang pinuno ng sindikato sa Pier. Sino sa dalawa ang pipiliin ni Vanessa na magbibigay ng pagmamahal hindi lamang sa kanya kundi para rin kay Nikka? Sa kanyang pagpili, isang di-inaasahang trahedya ang naganap.



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She's Dating the Gangster

Starring: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Khalil Ramos, Sofia Andres, Igi Biy Flores, Marco Gumabao, Pamu Pamorada, Alexander Diaz, John Uy, Yanna Asistio, Matutina

The story revolves around Athena Dizon, a 17-year-old student, and Kenji Delos Reyes, a rebellious teenager who is reputed to be a member of a local school Sindikato gang. They begin a false romance in order to spite Kenji's ex-girlfriend, and Athena thinks everything will be fine. She slowly realises that her life is not as steady, as her relationship with Kenji inevitably transforms into something greater.
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Coming Soon

Starring: Andi Eigenmann, Boy2 Quizon, Dominic Roco, Glaiza De Castro, Cholo Barretto, Carla Humphries

Six friends, each of a different status in life, meet because of a common interest – that of a happy life! Monica (Andi Eigenmann) is the rebellious daugher of a socialite. Sikyu (Boy2 Quizon), the leader of the group, is someone who does not have any clear plan in life. Darwin (Dominic Roco) is a hopeless romantic and computer geek. Sab (Glaiza De Castro) is the serious one who is quite systematic and organized. Nacho (Cholo Barretto) is a good friend who has a unique interest on anything that is not normal. Dana (Carla Humphries) is a starlet whose only dream is to earn applause in whatever way she can. Why do they click despite their differences? Will the impending “end of the world” cause their friendship to end as well?
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Room 213

Starring: Gwen Garci, Allen Dizon, Maricar Dela Fuente, Tyron Perez, Leo Meir, Carla Samonte, Lawrence David

The story follows the endangered relationship of an architect and his wife, a photographer. After being married for 10 years, they have lost all emotional connections with each other. However,they both still want to save their marriage so they resort to extreme measures to revive their attraction for one another and rekindle their dying passions. They experiment with other partners and what happens is a matter of exchanging partners that resorts into an explosive climax of uncontrolled carnal desires.
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Mara Lopez, Alex Vincent Medina, Mon Confiado

Mon Confiado, Alex Medina, and Mara Lopez star in Ato Bautista's bold and provocative drama film about a sexually active husband, Nestor (Alex) who sacrificed the dignity of his loving and innocent wife, Luisa (Mara) to settle a "huge" amount of debt from his clever and pervert boss, Ramiro (Mon). Nestor heed to the request of Ramiro of giving him a video of his wife taking a bath in exchange to the full settlement of his debt. This however, led to an illicit affair between Luisa and Ramiro that turned out to be a nightmare for the
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Menor De Edad

Starring: Meg Imperial, Ara Mina, Wendell Ramos, Chynna Ortaleza, Almira Muhlach, J.C. Parker, Mico Aytona

15-year-old Jen Guilarman, a 3rd year high school student, leads a lonely, troubled existence in a tenement housing building. Brought up by her dysfunctional mom, Edna and her mom's tomboy live-in partner, Jags, Jen experiences a hellish life from which she tries to escape. In school, Jen catches the attention of her Pilipino teacher, Ariel Basco, who is himself undergoing a difficult marriage. His wife, Laida, has been in and out of the hospital, diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, and they are saddled with financial problems. A loner himself, ARIEL is sympathetic to the equally lonely JEN and their counseling sessions lead to a friendship that is misconstrued by others as more than just platonic. JEN, being the more vulnerable one, imagines herself in love with her teacher and fantasizes about him falling in love with her. In order to experience a sense of belongingness, JEN becomes involved with a street, all-girl gang. Here she makes new friends and finds love and security in having some kind of a family that accepts her for what she is. When JEN is initiated into the girl gang, she has to undergo a sexual rite. She chooses to seduce ARIEL BASCO to devirginize her. When ARIEL rejects her advances, JEN is humiliated and runs away from him.
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Starring: Ara Mina, Allen Dizon, Emilio Garcia, Krista Ranillo, Marco Alcaraz, Bangs Garcia, Victor Basa, Mike Tan, Rico Barrera, Jan Nieto

Benjo (Allen Dizon) is about to embark on yet another journey as a seafarer, leaving his wife (Ara Mina) and daughter behind.

Life on the ship is set. Professional kinship is developed as common aspirations and perils define life on board. Amidst the call of duty, the rudiments, difficulties and hazards of being a seaman, with his simple and noble acts of heroism are shown. Sea pirates, sunken ships, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign employment are among many issues that beset the job.

Marino is a film that focuses on the individual lives of a seafarer husband and a grieving wife, separated by physical distance, learning to cope with the situation despite the length of time apart from each other, gasping in the depths of loneliness, uncertainty and fear, surging in the waves of hope, and never letting go.
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